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Saturday, October 1, 2011

My internet is finally working again!

It's has been the longest week ever. My internet air card was maxed out on Monday and I had to wait until today for it to start a new billing cycle. You would think AT&T would figure out a way to get DSL to my house. I live across a field from the high school and across another field from an airport, yet they say we are too far out. I cannot wait until our contracts with them are up. They can kiss my business goodbye.
Since I wasn't sitting at my computer, I had a little time to make some cards today, just for the fun of it. I found the coolest website for Paper Crafts magazine and saw where you can download freebie cut-outs. I am so used to just using my cricut for my die-cuts, that when I saw this, I figured I would give it a try. Hope you enjoy.

I also received the Paisley cartridge (for free with Cricut rewards) and decided to make a card for my daughter, Kaitlynn. These three monkeys reminded me of her group of friends: Kaitlyn, Cassie, and Shelby. I thought it was very appropriate (those knuckleheads!)

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